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Why AWSA Members Selected Their Gun
Our intent is to help new shooters make informed decisions on their gun purchase(s).
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The questions below were sent out in an email to the AWSA member list. The responses follow.
1. What gun do you currently use?

2. What do you like about your gun?

3. Why did you decide to purchase your particular gun?

4. How many did you try before you decided?

5. Did anyone assist you with your decision?

Member: M. Barnes
1. I own/use a Glock 17 9mm, my first pistol.

2. Easy to use, clean, and feels right in my hand.

3. After trying many pistols, this model was just right for recreational shooting.  The right caliber, feel, and better accuracy for me.

4. Over a couple of months, I tried 9-10 different pistols.  The instructors were very generous in allowing me to try various makes/models.

5. Yes, one of the AWSA instructors assisted in my purchase.


Member: H. Barry
1. Ruger LC9s 9mm.

2. It's small enough to carry in a CCW purse and I'm always on target with it.

3. I read a lot of good reviews online about it and the size.

4. I didn't really try any before buying this gun.  I knew it was going to work for me.

5. No one assisted me with my decision.


Member: McMaster
1. My favorite is an H&K VP 9.

2. It’s comfortable in my hand and easy to shoot as well as clean.  Well balanced.

3. It was my birthday present to myself.  I wasn’t happy with my Glock 19 and wanted something new.

4. I tried Two or three before making a decision.

5. Yes, my gunsmith recommended it.


Member: J. Jensen
1. For CC, Ruger SP101.

2. It does Not Jam!  feels good & fits perfect in my hand & supplies good stopping power W 357 Hollow point.

3. Although I love All of my Semi Auto Sig Sauer 45s. Again, revolvers Do Not Jam & felt Good in My Grip.

4. I tried 5 or more.

5. I read a lot of their detail & listened to facts about each one’s qualities when looking in person and most important how it fit in my grip.


Member: L. Fisk
1. It depends on what I'm doing or where I'm going. On body is usually a Glock 43x with Springfield magazines that increase the round count to 15 plus 1. If I'm using my fanny pack, my favorite Sig Sauer P225. I've been in love with for years, it's a single stack, dependable and reliable. Can we say accurate? If I carry the dreaded purse, there's a lovely snub-nosed .357 revolver and two speed loaders.

2. Comforting, relatively easy to conceal ... The Glock 43 is just enough thinner it's easier, the 43X hold significantly more with the aftermarket magazines and new magazine release which brings the round count up.
3. I didn't plan that purchase (the 43x). A friend wanted to go looking. I fell in love. A month later, I got a great buy.

4. Which time? When I got a Glock 43, I hated all things Glock. I went to the range and shot small right groups. It won 11 weeks in a row. Probably 20 or so.
The Sig, I looked for almost a year to find something that fit and felt right. Then it was six months to find it in my price range

5. Husband was a key. He also has 45+ years experience as a shooter and instructor.


Member: M. Hensley
1. I use a Glock 34 Gen 4.

2. It fits my hand well and I like the weight of it.

3. My Son-In-Law, worked with me with several of his guns and this was the easiest for me to use.

4. I tried 3 other guns.

5. Yes my Son-In-Law helped me.


Member: S. Senka-White
1. Smith & Wesson M&P9 M2.0 Pistol.

2. Fits my hand.

3. Easy to Clean.

4. Took me one year of renting & firing numerous pistols.

5. To be honest that's why I became a member of the AWSA here I found a wealth of information. Priceless!


Member: B. Jankowski
1. Sig P365xl.

2. Fits my hand well, shoots great, easy to conceal carry & has good magazine capacity for its size.

3. I tried it at the range and liked it better than my conceal carry gun at the time.

4. Half a dozen for conceal carry.  Each gun has it's purpose.  Conceal carry, bed side gun, camping gun, etc.

5. No one assisted me with my purchase.


Member: D. Wainwright
1. Glock 19 or 17.

2. Easy to handle, safety in trigger, durable, easy to take apart/clean, simple to operate.

3. Inexpensive and easy to manipulate, good fit for my hands.

4. Did not try many.

5. My hubby and firearms instructor helped me with my decision.


Member: C. Orazi
1. I use a Glock 43X for carry.

2. I like the size.

3. Light and easy to carry.

4. About 6 different guns.

5. Yes, Carol Ruh.


Member: J. Berlin
1. Springfield XD Mod 2 3" barrel.

2. The size and feel in my hand, the double stack large magazine capacity.

3. For carry gun and magazine capacity.

4. I tried a few but this is my third gun and really like my previous purchase of a Springfield XD Mod 2 Service model with 4" barrel.

5. No one assisted me with my purchase.


Member: L. Myrick
1. The gun I like best is my 9 mm revolver. I know it is reliable and won't jam.

2. Consistency

3. There were some robberies in my neighborhood and two ladies were killed. I knew I had to protect myself before the police arrived if I had to.

4. I did not try other guns.

5. My brother-in-law helped to advised me.


General Comments

Member: J. Schwalbe
I bought my first Glock 17 at least a dozen years ago, which was before the idea of trying a gun before you buy it was popular. I asked a friend of mine who was a cop what 9mm handgun I should buy and he said to get a Glock.

He told me that’s what many police use because they’re reliable, easy to clean, and you can do anything to them and they won’t ever let you down.

All that sounded good to me so I went to the gun store and looked at two different models, the Glock 17 and the 19.  Ultimately, I chose the 17 because it fit my hand better. I’ve been in love with it ever since and it is my go-to gun.


Member: B. Jankowski
I love shooting all guns and each one has it's place. My go to gun for EDC (every day carry) is the SIG P365XL. It is fairly easy to conceal, has good capacity at 12+1, fits my hand well, has a nice trigger and is a great shooter.

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