Arizona Women's Shooting Associates Frequently Asked Questions
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates

Q: How often should I practice?

A: Perfect practice is extremely important. If you are not doing something correctly you are just reinforcing a bad habit, therefore it's harder to correct. When you practice carrying concealed, you should be able to draw your gun and fire within 2 seconds. Now that's practice!! Practice builds proficiency, confidence and increases your muscle memory.

Q: Should I let someone else tell me what kind of gun I should buy?

A: NO! Would you buy a pair of shoes without first trying them on? Of course not. My recommendations to you would be to take a basic handgun class. See what your options are. Go to a range where you can rent different guns (revolvers and semi-autos) and see which you prefer.

Then concentrate on which caliber you are most comfortable with, making sure your finger can reach the trigger comfortably. Also take into consideration the price of ammo because you will be practicing a lot.

Please don’t rush yourself in your choice, because once you make your decision, the gun cannot be returned like a pair of shoes just because they didn’t fit correctly.

The confidence you will gain in making your own decision will be so gratifying. You will be amazed on how much this journey will teach you. After your purchase just have fun, shoot much and as often as possible.

Q: I just got my Concealed Carry Permit, how should I carry it in my purse?

A: If you must carry a purse, make sure you purchase a purse with a separate compartment just for your gun. It is never safe to put your gun in with the other items of your purse. If something were to get into the trigger with enough force it could go off.

Make sure it fits in the compartment and will slide out easily and quickly. Also make sure there is a zipper with a lock for additional safety if needed. NEVER LEAVE YOUR PURSE UNATTENDED!!

When you carry your purse put your head through the strap, not just over your shoulder. Carrying it over your shoulder will leave you open for someone to grab and run with it.

**NOTE: I am not someone in favor of purses. I personally feel the risk is too great for theft. Having worked in an office with all the proper attire I understand the dilemma. Try keeping it in a locked drawer at work, and keep the key on you at all times. Make sure you do not mention to anyone at all that you have a gun at all; it’s not their business. Your employer may not allow your gun on the premises at all, which will leave you with other decisions to make.

Q: How do I get my gun to the range if I don’t have a Concealed Carry Permit?

A: First of all check the gun laws in your state if not in Arizona. The simplest way for anyone without his or her CCW is to put the UNLOADED gun into a gun rug, range bag, or the case it came in. Place it on the back seat and keep ammo separate. If using a range bag, put gun in a gun rug and ammo separate.

Q. How often should you clean your gun?

A. Every time you go shooting..

Q. How often should I oil my gun?

A. Very lightly every time you clean. To much oil will gather additional dust especially in AZ and could cause malfunction.

Q. How often will I have to renew my CCW permit? Do I have to take another class?

A. The new laws are every five years to renew and no more renewal classes. By late September the law will not have you doing fingerprints for your renewal either.

Q. What is your opinion of the light weight revolvers, since I am thinking of purchasing one?

A. Since you are asking my opinion, this is what I think. I do believe that light weight revolvers have their place in the shooting world. I do not think they are great for women as their primary gun to purchase. As a back-up gun it’s perfect. The salesman will give you all the arguments of they are light and easy to carry for personal protection.

This may be true but he will not tell you how horrible it is to shoot. Because it is so light the recoil in your hand hurts with every pull of the trigger. I had one lady shoot her lightweight revolver for the first time and by the time she did her second shot she was in tears.

If you want to have fun shooting with your gun, purchase something with some weight. If possible find a place where you can shoot several rentals first to get the idea of which is more comfortable.

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