Patsy, Kim, Debbie and I are practicing hard for the Washington Birthday Military Match Feb. 18th. We might be the first all women rifle team! The match starts at 7:30 am until about 4 pm, and it would be great to see some of you at the High Power range.


The Spring 2017 Expo was so much fun this year. Wish to thank all who came out to support the Arizona Women's Shooting Associates. I am so grateful to all the ladies for giving up their weekend and working the booth. Making sure everyone one safe we donated some ear plugs to our little friend who was in the next booth.


Here is the photo we took of Marci and Larry Welton the winners of the beautiful quilt we raffled off. Marci was so excited when I told her she had won.

Marci and Larry Welton run some of the shotgun competitions out at Ben Avery. So I guess you could say we kept the quilt in the shooting family and close to home! Congratulations Guys!

This quilt is going to be raffled off starting at the Ben Avery Expo, April 2nd and 3rd, 2016.

All monies collected will go to the Scholarship Fund for women who can't afford training.

See you at the Expo - Support our Scolarship Fund - 1 ticket for $5 and 5 tickets for $20.

Listen to Carol's interviews:

-BBC News; Arizona shooting: Would more guns save lives?
Click Here for MP3 audio. Click Here for link to BBC article.

-With BBC's Ros Atkins...on gun ownership as a fundamental issue. Click Here

I was touched by this letter from the White River School
on the Apache Reservation ....Carol


Dear Mrs. Ruh,

I'm compelled to write to you today, because of the quality experience I had at your facility. I felt welcomed by you and your staff from the very moment of arrival, on the property.
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates
The hospitality we received was friendly and of great service to us.

The experience was 'one of a kind', and from what I was able to grasp from the overall ambiance of the place, it was truly amazing!

Thank you for the excellent day of training that you and your staff provided for myself, my son Joshua, my brother Jeddo, my father Jimmy, the staff, and students of Theodore Roosevelt School.
Arizona Women's Shooting Associates
Thank you for refreshing our safety awareness, by enlightening us on firearms safety rules. By extending your knowledge to us, it has greater reshaped our lives and the way we will view the art of shooting firearms.

Personally, it was therapeutic and revitalizing for me to experience the informative process of teaching and training, as well as, the opportunity to go out on the shooting range and shoot at targets.

As a first time participant, I felt like the staff was well prepared and the overall clinic seemed organized and structured from the very beginning. I felt well informed and prepared to go out on the shooting range to try my new found knowledge.

Shooting was a very unique experience for me. The energy released, stimulated all my senses. It was invigorating to feel focused and confident.

Arizona Women's Shooting Associates It takes several talents to simultaneously coach different skill levels, and leave all the students feeling that they received your attention.

You and your staff helped us all so much, and it definitely did wonders for our level of self confidence.

The lessons were of tremendous benefit, and I know we all left the range feeling exhilarated, ready to go on learning and improving.

Thank you, also, for the education in sighting-in our rifles, and helping us to better understand the trajectory and velocity of shooting a rifle. The seriousness of gun safety and personal responsibility was conveyed in a positive way, yet never loosing sight of how much fun it can be, to be out on the shooting range. I enjoyed receiving guidance and supervision from such talented, well-rounded individuals, who appeared to be very passionate about their interest and expertise in the art of shooting firearms.

Please extent my appreciation and thanks to the rest of your staff, for their time and effort, put forth, on our behalf. Thank you, once again, for such a great experience. I will never forget it.

Suzanne Skeet

Dear Carol,

Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your class.
You are a great instructor and have a very easy manner about you which helps those of us who are trying to learn the art of handling a handgun.

I wish also to have you thank Mike, the man in black, for all of his assistance. I came back on Friday and practiced. Mike was very helpful. Please let him know that I have been practicing right thumb over left.

Sandy Wagner

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